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Penelope "Penny" Stark
7 September
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Penny Stark, the daughter of Pepper Potts and Tony Stark. She is just as smart as her dad. She uses her knowledge to invent things for medical purposes. It's very likely having diabetes is what prompted this. And occasionally, she designs motorcycles.


Anyway, she graduated from MIT at 18. She could have done it sooner but she didn't want to be a college grad at too early an age.

][ VERSES ][

"A Few Less Bullets". In that verse, her family so far consists of Pepper Potts-Stark and her twin, Howard. She also has a JARVIS Tony Stark AKA Dad and Penny both agree that an Uncle Rhodey would be super, as well. Just let me know. She has recently been in a motorcycle accident, locked out of her workshop to recover and is experiencing her first crush.

"Penny for your thoughts." While at home, working on a project, Penny happened to meet one Remy LeBeau. The Cajun had decided to test JARVIS and broke in to steal some cereal. They formed an unlikely and completely brother/sister bond (because anything else would possibly result in Penny's father doing violent things to the Crafty Cajun) and while Penny is amused at Remy's frequent breaking in, she wouldn't mind if he used the doorbell. Just once.

"Rock the Boat" Penny has become good friends with Simon Petrelli. Both of them are not fans of fitting into their own families way of doing things. Penny prefers to hide rather than show off, like her dad and Simon would just rather not be controlled by his sock stealing grandmother. They have their own ways of 'playing the game' as it were and somehow even each other out. While on a trip to Monte Carlo, they both confessed an attraction to the other and have decided to start dating.

"Smile for the Paparazzi" Penny has a problem. Two of them, in fact. One of them is named Mick Clauson and the other? His boss. Both of them, for reasons unknown to Penny, want to find that little flaw that Penny has. Or, that they think she has. It will never be found, however, and while Penny could get him in deep trouble for bothering her, something keeps her from doing so. It is highly likely she actually enjoys being around him and has pointed out on more than one occasion that he is wasting his talents. Considering mom and dad are not impressed by him, Penny needs someone to turn to. Enter 'Auntie Ru'. This woman can see right past Penny and Mick and their bullshit and it's likely she will smack them both someday for being idiots.Relationship Information Here.

"Futurism" Over a year ago, Penny Stark lost her left arm in an earthquake that collapsed a coffee shop she was visiting. There was also significant damage done to hear heart SO her father made her an arc reactor to keep her heart beating and she got the only bionic prosthetic arm Stark Industries ever made. This has unfortunately turned the girl into something of a recluse much to the annoyance of quite a few. This includes her bodyguard/PA/driver Corin Grayson kickass_pa.

"Ordinary World" Penny and Peter Parker have somehow managed to become friends in this verse. They're both on their way to becoming heroes. One of them a bit reluctantly and the other with the enthusiasm of a kid in a candy store. More to come, I promise.

"Common Sense Failed Again" Penny Stark has befriended a 'reformed' Syndrome Really what could possibly go wrong?

"Old Flame New...friend?" While attending MIT, Penny lived off campus with a guy named Evan. The pair were inseparable, did everything together and at one point, a possibly mutual crush developed. Penny panicked slightly and dove into her work, something Evan didn't handle all too well. Now, Evan works in Malibu and the two just reunited. (more to come soon)

"Metal & Magic" In the past year, Penny Stark has been sent on several business trips in New York. This would have resulted in her getting mad, had she not met physics geek and Prime Merlinian Dave. She was immediately smitten by the highly intelligent guy and they bonded over Tesla Coils. He eventually asked her out and Penny can now say her boyfriend is ridiculously awesome and sweet.

"New Car Smell" When funding for the TKR program was cut, Domino and her fellow cars were put into storage and their AIs put into dormancy. Years later, Penelope Stark purchased Domino, thinking her computers had been wiped clean. In a case of the right hand not talking to the left, Domino's AI was left intact. This new partnership is a bit rough to get on its feet, but they make a surprisingly good team.

"What happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas." Penny Stark is not known for impulsive and rash behavior so what happens when she discovers an alcoholic beverage that she can actually consume without worry? She ends up married to Thomas Carson. It'd be a little more awkward if it were someone she didn't know and she'd get it annulled as soon as possible. But what if neither of them really want to?


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